Friday, September 4, 2009

My scissors

I hate not being able to find the scissors. Sometimes it is the biggest gripe that my husband and I have with our kids. I also hate digging in the Junk draw for them. I found a solution! We had to take our lawn mower to get the carburetor cleaned and the shop is around back of a What Not Shop. It is a shop that Jim and I have passed often and always meant to stop in but just never got around to it. And in this shop the has a scissor holder. well the only thing that could make this any better is if it had strawberries on it. as you can see it doesn't look garrish or out of place on the wall. I'm not done unpacking, even after a year here. I am still going though things and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. so the wall collection isn't done. That is why the pictures look off balanced.
This is an area that is mostly completed. The stove Alcove. I took a wire shelf unit that I got for $25 bought some chain and screwed hooks into the ceiling and hung one of the shelves then I hang pots off it. I didn't want to pay $90 for a pot rack, But I didn't want a bike wheel either. I hang 5 pots up there and I put the lids to them on top. The folding wood shelf has spices and containers for my DD school lunches. I also have a basket on the fridge that has dry goods that go in her lunches. We just moved here one year ago Aug. We moved so my husband could be near his school. So buy buy house, hello renting. But our land lord ROCKS. Another day I will show you the paint job I did in my Daughters room here, and the room I built in the basement for my 18 Year old Step son.
I store my most of my food in the basement.

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  1. Love the scissor thing. I have my special scissors that I love and a decoy pair of scissors that I don't love. I keep the decoys out in the open so that my husband will grab those and never use my good scissors for cutting things like WIRE, which he did. Oy!