Thursday, September 24, 2009

These are a few of my favorit things

I just read a new profound quote.
It is never to Late or to early for Chocolate!
I am a chocolate snob. I prefer over 62% I only buy 72% or hire and I tend to get it with cherries & Almonds or nibs in it. From the Health food store or section of the store.
I will in rare cases also take a Hersey bar but it must have almonds. If I am having a bad day this can really do the trick for making me feel better.
That and my Ice tea. I use Steevia & even carry Steevia packets in my car. I have discovered I am allergic to all artificial sweeteners even Splenda I won't even use the Truvia because it has something in it besides Steevia and I just don't feel like taking the risk any more.:( I drink Decaf tea, because,I drink so much. If all of my tea is caffeinated then I get migraines. I probably consume 2 gallons a day of tea. I really need to whiten my teeth as they are starting to show the amount of tea I drink, big time. I also use a straw so that the tea doesn't touch my teeth as much. I remember I had this boy friend who kept a calender of my time of the month and he knew when I would be PMSing and so he would show up with a bag of Hersey's with almonds and a big 32 oz glass of tea ready for me. It is so amazing but it really did help. And while you may think it was sweet of him, it was really self preservation, as my husband will tell you. My other food I love is Pop corn. Let me tell you in my house this is a regular food. As soon as my DD hits the door after school the pop corn air popper is going and the non dairy butter soy substitute is in the microwave. On it's own this soy fake is not good but on pop corn it is really good, and this is coming from some one who won't eat margarine. Then the topping goes on. This could be powdered buttermilk ranch (the kind used to make dressing) or garlic powder and salt. or Parmesan/Romano cheese. I can only find hidden Valley Ranch powder. Which totally sucks because they use MSG so I have to be careful how much I use. McCormick use to make it but I haven't found it in a long time. (Another thing that causes Migraines in me there is a list I will make one day). I buy the pop corn in bulk in the bulk section of my Dierbergs' store. I use my hot air popper a lot. This is my 4th or 5th since I have been married. And I go though tea maker every 6 months. Anyway, these are my most favorite things to eat. When I get sick these are the things I want by my bed side. Well that and Cambles chicken soup, or fresh french onion soup. But the main 3 will do.

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